Resident Minister/Officiant
Rev. Christine Tanier

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Created by Christine Tanier 2011
Please Note:
The furniture placement and decorations are subject to change with the seasons, Holidays and at the whim of the manager...(o:

Also, please be aware that the grounds are a work in progress.
to see photos of "The Grounds".
Besides the most beautiful Magnolia tree in town; currently Ivy, Lemon Balm & Archangel abound and whatever flowers pop up, wild roses, lillys & such are hither & yon. 
Please don't expect manicured gardens, it is more of a woodsy look,
where fairys would play. 
Also, I'm not scheduling any outdoor weddings as yet.

PARKING is on the street only but you may use BOTH sides of the street.
SORRY, aTHERE IS NO HANDICAP ACCESS AT THIS TIME. There are 8 steps up to the doors. 
See photos.ext.
Call or .........