I am a Geek, not a Gardener. The grounds are a work in progress. 
During the summer, everything is so lush as to appear overgrown.
The groundcover is Ivy, Lemon Balm and Archangel.  There are grape vines mixed in and flowers that pop up whenever and wherever they want to.  Wild rose bushes, Forsythia, Lilys of various colors, Daffodils and assorted wildflowers that I can't name.  
I think it looks like a place Fairies live. I even built a 'Fairy Acadamy'. Please don't expect manicured gardens.

We do have the largest and most beautiful White Magnolia tree in the villiage. Even when it's not covered in white blossoms, it is so lovely I'm sure the folks at Hidden Lake Gardens would be hard pressed to rival it. 
There are also ancient pink and red crab apple trees at the front of the walk and pines along Main street.  I have plans down the road to do alot of trimming and adding flowersbeds and bushes.

I am in the process of developing a photo area on the east side of the building that should be done by summer of 2018.

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