Shabby Chic Vintage Place Settings:

              Entertain up to 40 guests with a collection of Vintage China,                    Silverware & Linens

NOTE: I can only seat 40 for a Wedding Reception unless tables are put on the Altar. *A Head table to seat 6-8 of the Bridal party could be put on the Altar after the ceremony. Contact me to discuss options.*

I set the tables up, all you do is add your decorations, flowers, etc.  Afterwards, either leave the dishes on the tables
or place them in the kitchen.
(If you would like the dishes cleared by one of my staff or if you want us to take care of the Caterer's dishes & chafers, see the 'No Clean Up' option below.)

                                                              RENTAL Prices:

One Basic place setting:
1 dinner plate, 2 smaller plates, 1 knife, fork & spoon, 1 tumbler...$5.00

 Full Service Options that can be added to the Basic: 
~ Cup & Saucer...$1.50
~ Teapot for tea of coffee...$1
~ Cream & Sugar bowl...$1 pair
~ Salt & pepper shakers...$1 pair
~ Pedestal Cake Plates, single or stacked...ideal for cupcakes too!...$5 ea.

~ Dessert plates and forks for the Wedding Cake or other Dessert...$1 ea.
~  Vintage Linen Tablecloths, White, Hand ironed...$20 per table
(Cannot be used if you are serving food that stains, such as barbque sauce, tomato sauce, red wine, etc.)
Add whatever you'd like, any combination.

(Also, if you're serving Champagne or wine, be sure to bring glasses)

Since the kitchen facilities are limited, I will provide 3 Chafers
FREE OF CHARGE if you wish to bring your own  already prepared food. 

*I do not provide tablecloths for the 2 buffet tables. Also I do NOT clean up of the buffet tables or the Caterer's dishes & chafers unless you purchase the "NO CLEAN UP" OPTION below:

You just pick up your personal items & walk out the door.
I or one of my staff will clear everything on the tables or left around all the rooms. This includes removing the dishes when your guests are finished and disassembling, scraping & rinsing out the Caterer’s dishes & chafers so they are ready to be returned.
Up to 12 guests: $50
13-25 guests: $75 
26-50 guests: $100

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