The History of  the church now housing 
Celebrations Wedding Chapel, Summer 2013

It was built in 1906, (when the village was named ‘Podunk’), 
as a Methodist church.  It has 20 stained glass windows and the large western window, the letters ‘WCTU’ are set in the glass because it was donated by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.  The WCTU was the first mass organization among women devoted to social reform and Christianity.
The Methodists worshiped here until 1969 at which time they moved to a new church on the corner of Moscow & Folks, across from the High School.  
It was then sold to Mrs. Beck and her son, who planted all the wonderful trees, bushes and flowers.  They built the garage with an apartment above for their living quarters, opened a small restaurant and sold antiques in the church.
In 1990, it became the exclusive French restaurant, 'Billingsgate'.  For five years they did a booming business serving such customers as Ted Nugent and Jeff Daniels.  Unfortunately, the managers were crooks.  They never paid their employee’s social security nor any other taxes and one night after Christmas in 1995, they locked the doors and went on the run with their ill gotten gains.  They were caught and sent to prison.  The owner of the building, who lived near Detroit, put the place up for sale and it sat empty for 3 years until my mother, Charlotte Sanders and I drove by one January afternoon and fell in love with it.  We created a home for ourselves and my daughter.  Over the 17 years we’ve lived here, I’ve had an Antiques shop and now the Wedding Chapel.  With the birth of my two granddaughters, we are now 4 generations enjoying the beauty and peace of this historical landmark.

I took this photo at the Conklin Organ Museum in Hanover, (in the beautiful old High School building), where they showcase over 100 Victorian organs as well as a history of the area.  
I highly recommend you take a tour when you can. (o: